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There are many Pests that can cause inconveniences, some can be irritating and some can even can be harmful or cause sickness. In my 9 years of experience, the one thing that I do know for sure is that the pests that are bothering you will not leave on their own. That’s why I have learnt and developed the knowledge and skill to help people with their pest issues through IPM (integrated pest management) to help control and maintain or rid them of their pest issues.

My services are fast, and effective and I follow the proper label instructions to make my services Environmentally and most importantly people safe. My experience also comes with confidentiality, empathy, compassion and understanding so then I can look at my customers and confidently say “it’s OK. don’t worry, we have this”
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Pests We Take Care Of

Graphic of a Spider

Ants and crawling Insects

Ants, Spiders, Beetles, Silverfish, Box Eldar Bugs
Bridge Pro Pest Control can offer both Interior and Exterior services for your home or business that can last up to 6 months of long lasting protection.Ants can be treated in your yard or patios so that you or family and pets can immediately go on with great results.
Graphic of a bed bug

Bed Bugs

Don't worry, it's okay, we got this
In most cases Bridge Pro Pest Control can offer Fast effective Bed Bug services for your home or business that can be solved the first time with 3 months of continued protection. (depending on the situation some restrictions may apply)
Graphic of a Mouse

Mice and other Rodents

Vols, Richardson Ground Squirrels (Gophers), Mice,
Bridge Pro Pest Control will inspect the Interior and exterior (weather permitting) of your home or business and try to find the points of entry on how Mice are entering your home or business and what can be done to help keep them out. With proper bait station placement and or trap placement I will rid you of your mice issue or offer monthly contractual services to help you control and maintain future mice issues in your home or business.
Graphic of a Humane Live Trap

Humane Live Trapping

Skunks, Raccoons, Rabbits, Squirrels
Bridge Pro Pest Control offers live humane trapping of Skunks, Racoons and other small animals. Once caught I take them to a location that is far from the city and humans where there is plenty of food, shelter and water for them to make a new home rather than your home or business.
Graphic of a Pigeon


Sparrows, Starlings
No job is too high for Bridge Pro Pest Control with the help of a ticketed Red Seal Roofer. We can do what is needed for Pigeon Control around Solar Panels, Gables and Eaves of your home or business.
Graphic of a Wasp


Avoid Danger, Get Results
It's always best to use the calm, cool and collective experience of Bridge Pro Pest Control with ridding your home or business of wasp issues. Wasps can become very dangerous resulting in harm and in some cases death.
Graphic of a house fly

House/cluster flies

House Flies, Cluster Flies, Small Flies
Bridge Pro Pest Control can offer both residential and business services for both Interior and exterior that can offer lasting protection for up to 6 months.
Graphic of a Cockroach


Don't worry, it's okay, we got this
In most cases Bridge Pro Pest Controls Cockroach services can be done with none of the dreaded prep needed, and no one will need to leave the home or business for hours at a time. (depending on the situation some Restrictions may apply)

Monthly Contractual services

I offer Weekly, Monthly, Bi Monthly and Quarterly contractual services on many of my Pest Control Services to help control and maintain future pest issues of any home or business.
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